All are Welcome! National Tree Day in the Park

Wednesday September 25th, is National Tree Day

Here is the announcement for an early evening event planned for Champlain Park to celebrate our bur oaks, their acorns, and the trees’ links to social history.

Please see The Champlain Oaks Project for more details:

This event will only occur if we have clear skies on Wednesday since it is planned as an OUTDOOR event and we do not have access to the fieldhouse.

All are welcome! We will have hot drinks, including hot chocolate, on hand. And we are lining up some special guests from outside the neighbourhood.

Plans finalized for bur oak planting on September 26

Dear friends and neighbours,

Please visit the Champlain Oaks site for details on this year’s event to celebrate National Tree Day.

You are invited to help The Champlain Oaks celebrate bur oaks on National Tree Day.
This year’s event–to be held between 10 a.m. and noon on Weds. Sept. 26–will involve about 70 students from St. George’s Elementary School on Keyworth Ave.

For more information: