Community Project Proposal (CPP)

Proposal Process

The Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) is pleased to support and participate resident-led community projects, events and activities using its Community Project Proposal (CPP) process.

For the submission of a CPP to be supported and approved it first must adhered to the following conditions:

Proposals can be submitted at any time and will be assessed against the criteria above on a first-come first-serve basis, if proposal is seeking funding its dependent on until the funds run out.

In-kind (i.e. Volunteer time) and/or cash contributions by other parties will be favourably considered and should be outlined in the proposal.

Process to apply:

The CitizenProponent submits proposal:

  • Completes and submits the online Community Project Proposal (CPP) Submission web form
  • Upon completion and submission the form will be sent to the Champlain Parks generic email address:

Process StEPS:

A CPP coordinator is assigned:

  • An identified CPP coordinator will be assigned to deal with the submitted proposal and will start discussions with the Proponent as required
  • The CPP coordinator is responsible with the facilitation, coordination and guidance for moving of the proposal through the process until completion. This involves liaison between the Proponent and the CPCA Executive Committee in obtaining the appropriate clarifications, recommendations and approvals

Proposal Reviewed by CPCA Executive Committee

  • Proposals are reviewed, considered and finalized at the CPCA Executive Committee meetings if submitted with enough notice before the meeting and if no issues need clarification –
  • For urgent and timely required Proposals the review approval process will be done electronically and will be coordinated by the CPP Coordinator
  • A Member of the CPCA Executive Committee may contact you to further discuss the proposal in order to ensure the Executive is fully informed of the proposal. However proponents are also welcome to present their proposal themselves at the CPCA Executive Committee meetings which will be also coordinated through the CPP Coordinator

Support for proposals can take many forms including:

  • CPCA Funding
    • Exact funding support for a proposal will depend on the merits of the proposal and the funding resources available
    • Any expenses will be reimbursed only after they have been incurred and receipts have been submitted to the CPCA Treasurer
  • CPCA Public Endorsement 
    • This is for obtaining the CPCA association’s support and backing on a proposal which is stated in the public domain as being endorsed by the CPCA. For example the CPCA endorses the SJAM Winter Trail
  • CPCA Project Activity Support and Approval
    • This is required for coverage of any CPCA volunteer run projects which take place on the City of Ottawa, NCC or Private properties
  • Other
    • For example – proposal for donating funds to a community cause

Process Completion:

Upon notification of the Proposal being approved or declined by CPCA Executive, the CPP Coordinator will communicate these results with the Proponent.


Process High-Level Diagrams:

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