Don’t Join the Mailing List

We’ve discontinued the mailing list as of October 2013. Please subscribe to notifications from this web site instead, and use Twitter tag @ChamplainPark for messages between neighbours. Longer messages can be e-mailed to the webmaster and put on the web site for comment. For historical reference, the old mailing list description follows.

Our community association has a mailing list for distribution of the newsletter and chat about topics of interest to the community. E-mails sent to the common list address are automatically redistributed to everyone on the list. Reply messages, if CC’d to the list’s address, are also redistributed. It’s actually a bit fancier than I just described. The list moderator (currently me—anyone want to volunteer?) optionally sees each message and approves or rejects it, mostly for junk mail control.

Another important feature is the server’s web page at which lets you change your subscription settings, including turning on or off a list of topics that I’ve created (such as development issues, crime reports, and advertisements). You can opt in or out of any topic. If you don’t opt out, you receive all topics. The server keeps an archive of old messages, in case you want to know more about the history of speed bumps in Champlain Park. 🙂

If you want to sign up, e-mail me at You can also use the web page, but I’ll then have to ask you a skill-testing question to see if you are really from Champlain Park. Anyone with a legitimate interest in our neighbourhood can sign up, so we often have a councillor or M.P. on the list, though that doesn’t mean they personally read the messages.

– Alex