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A collection of all the news items about the people and happenings in Champlain Park.

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2017-09-25

This week’s topics:

  • Fraud targeting businesses, organizations – Fake command from the boss to transfer money.
  • Missing male.

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Forest Tree Watering

Daniel Buckles writes:

Water a baby tree: if you are planning to take a walk in the neighbourhood woods (NCC area), take water with you to water one of the small recently planted trees. They need it.

Daniel Buckles, PhD.
SAS2 Dialogue
New email:

Bur Oaks to Receive Heritage Status – September 27

Daniel Buckles writes:

On National Tree Day (Wednesday, September 27) Forests Ontario will be at the Steve and Kay Kot house (124 Cowley) at 10 AM to announce the induction of four “Champlain Oaks” into the provincial Heritage Tree program. Three other trees (on Keyworth and Daniel Ave) are also being acknowledged in the Heritage Tree Program.

Here is a link to the Champlain Oaks announcement and profiles of 4 trees that will receive heritage status from Forests Ontario on National Tree Day 2017.

Join us to celebrate trees and the natural heritage of our community.

Time Capsule Vote – Until September 26

From (visit that link to vote too):

During the Mayor’s 2017 State of the City address, he announced that as part of the 2017 celebrations, we would be assembling a time capsule that would be opened by Ottawa residents in 50 years’ time, when Canada will be celebrating its 200th anniversary.

In order for this to be a successful time capsule, the Mayor is looking for our constituent’s contributions. We have taken suggestions from the community and would now ask you to vote on your choice for item to be included in this time capsule, to represent Kitchissippi Ward from 2017. You have until Tuesday, September 26 to vote and we will announce the preferred item on Wednesday, September 27.

CPCA Executive Meeting – September 21

Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Executive Meeting

Thursday September 21, 2017
7:30 PM at the Fieldhouse

Note: The chair will invite non exec community members to speak at specified times during the agenda

Time for each item is assumed to be 5 minutes unless otherwise specified. Please state whether your item is for information only (with opportunity for Q & A) OR whether a decision has to be made. For info items, distribution of a brief summary before the meeting is an option to be encouraged with use of the allotted time for Q & A/Decision-Making. It is the responsibility of all exec members to read distributed materials before the meeting and print them if preferred.


  1. Approval of previous minutes of executive meeting June 8, 2017, and review of action items – All
  2. Review of how to update action items – All
  3. Report of interim executive motions – All
  4. Fieldhouse sensitivity and remote attendance arrangements update – Heather, Liz
  5. Budget – Joan (15 mins)
    1. CPCA Financial Statments
    2. Budget process for 2017-2018
    3. CPCA Finances August 31, 2017
    4. Draft budget 2017-2018
  6. Development Fund – P&Z committee – 5-10 minutes
    1. Development Budget Allocation Update 17Sept2017
    2. CPCA development fund 2017-2018
  7. AGM agenda & possible speakers – All
  8. AGM Election: Board Member Nomination List – current members – Lynne
  9. Decision-Making Protocol – Roland
  10. Request for funds for the tree inventory proposal – Daniel
  11. Pontiac Closure – Planters Business Questions – Lynne
  12. Update on the Fieldhouse Garden Project – Laurie
  13. NCC agreement: indemnity clause update – Daniel/Adrian
  14. How to attract people to meetings and whether to post minutes on the website – All
  15. Report of the Mayor’s breakfast for Kitchissippi Ward/Jeff – Duncan (2 minutes)
  16. Kitchissippi Ward Spending Plan – Roland
  17. Scott Street Bus Detour- Update – Roland
  18. Thai Embassy Update – Roland
  19. Membership of the Risk Management Committee – Lynne (2 minutes)

Book Club Inaugural Meeting – September 19

Amy Steele Kempster is setting up a book club. An inaugural meeting is set for Tuesday September 19th at 2pm, to decide on how to run the club and to find out how much interest there is.

They need to decide on things like:

  • When should the meetings be (likely on Tuesdays at 2pm since that’s available) and how often (monthly, weekly, bi-weekly)?
  • What sort of books should they read? Fiction, non-fiction, or specific genres. Or have the members choose books on a rotation basis.
  • Should they take turns reading and discussing a book, particularly if multiple copies aren’t available, or wait for everyone to have read it before discussing?

Please show your interest by coming to the inaugural meeting.

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2017-09-18

This week’s topics:

  • Vehicle arsons – In Orleans.
  • Diversity celebration – Now with a citizenship ceremony.
  • Missing teen.
  • Small business fraud – Stolen credit cards cashed.

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