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Fieldhouse Unbooked during Summer – Reminder

We’ve had a few summer requests, so I’ve updated the web pages and written this note to make it a bit more obvious that there are no field house bookings during the summer (July and August). We’ll start accepting bookings for September in September at the latest. As usual, see for more about the field house, the online booking form, and contact info for the booking coordinator.

P.S. Is there much demand for the field house when it is so nice outside? Well, except all those rainy days this year. Could be a topic for the next executive meeting, if interested people want to come and bring it up. No, the summer field house topic, not the fixing the weather topic! That one is way outside our jurisdiction. 🙂

– Alex

Westboro FUSE Looking for Volunteers

Subject: Volunteer Shout-out – Westboro FUSE 2017
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:46:43 -0400
From: Executive Director <>

Hi Everyone,
As you probably know, this year, Westboro FUSE will be held August 26 & 27th, the last end-of-summer event, (and a very exciting one, btw), in what has been a very eventful Canada 150 summer!:)

If you would be so kind as to get the message out to your constituents, letting them know we are now actively recruiting event volunteers for FUSE 2017.

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Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2017-07-17

This week’s topics:

  • Paving scam – Get it in writing.

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Trees in the Neighbourhood and BIG TREES Website

From: Debra Huron <>
Subject: Trees in the neighbourhood and BIG TREES website
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2017 10:53:59 -0400

The most recent edition of the Kitchissippi Times featured an article about Neighbourwoods, which is a tree mapping project that began last summer in Champlain Park. Written by Andrea Prazmowski, it includes interviews with Catherine Shearer of Cowley Ave. and Daniel Buckles of Daniel Ave.

Another article in the same edition was written by Daniel Buckles and is titled How Can I Protect Trees in my Neighbourhood?

The ward-wide group that has taken on protection of mature trees now has a home one the web with a new website for BIG TREES of Kitchissippi. The same group is also active on Facebook.
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Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2017-07-10

This week’s topics (and a couple of other things afterwards):

  • STEP in July – Red lights and bicycles.
  • Break-in on Wellington – Red Robbing Hood.
  • Missing male – Older guy left home July 5.
  • Missing male – Left without his meds.

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Property Standards By-law Review

From: Woods, Kayla <>
Sent: Tue, Jul 4, 2017 4:04 pm
Subject: Property Standards By-law Review

La version française suit

Good Afternoon,

This is to advise you about the City of Ottawa’s Property Standards By-law Review, which just recently began.

A comprehensive review of the Property Standards By-law was completed in 2013 and resulted in a new and updated by-law. However, a few additional issues were raised as part of the By-law Review Strategy approved by Council in 2015. This review therefore focuses on those issues which include:

  • Lighting (the term “abutting”)
  • Safe passage, specifically, snow and ice maintenance
  • Fences (the term “unsightly”)
  • Graffiti

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Theft from Vehicles

Just a reminder (previously mentioned) to cut down on losses from theft from vehicles, don’t leave valuables inside.

Originally from

That post also mentions holding on to garage door openers. I assume that is to stop the thief from stealing your car, driving to your house, and opening the garage door.

– Alex