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A collection of all the news items about the people and happenings in Champlain Park.

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2020-11-30

This week’s topics:

  • Re-fill Project – Personal hygiene product donations.
  • Festive RIDE campaign – Drunk driving discouragement.
  • Attempted abduction of a child – Kanata, mentioned a few weeks ago.
  • Safety tips for making private sales.

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Holiday House Decoration Contest

[Holiday Decorating Contest Poster, Landscape, Bilingual]

Champlain Park Holiday Decorations Contest

Decorate your house for the Holidays and win a $50 gift card!

Every family member has a vote!!!
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Holiday Charity Virtual Auction

Due to the pandemic, we’re having a holiday charity auction, and an upcoming best decorated house contest. Unfortunately the sleigh ride and winter carnival had to be cancelled, but we still have hopes for the rink.

[Poster about the Auction]

Donate and/or bid on items to raise $$ for the Parkdale Food Bank

Makes a great Holiday gift!
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Community Association Board Meeting – Reminder

Just a reminder that the board meeting is on Wednesday evening and you need to contact the secretary if you want to join the video conferencing call. See

Tunney’s Pasture Drones – November 23-27

A literal heads-up about some drone activity at Tunney’s Pasture via Heather…

FYI: There will be planned drone flights over Tunney’s Pasture between Nov. 23 & 27 (weather permitting) for new central heating/cooling plant project east of Banting Building, west side of Jeanne Mance Building parking lot.

Appropriate coordination with NAV Canada & Transport Canada will be part of flight arrangements. Future additional flights may be needed.

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Scott Street Webinar – November 25

Our co-chairs say:

Jeff’s office sent a reminder about the Scott Street zoom webinar this coming Wednesday. Champlain Park’s participation is important; the plans for cycling, pedestrian and placemaking facilities will have a direct impact on our community.

From our city councillor’s web site…
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Woodland Projects Update

Time for an update on what volunteers from our community have been doing in the NCC Woodlands.

  • NCC Woodland Trail Maintenance – Buckthorn Root Removal
  • Purple Martin Birdhouse Project
  • Japanese Knotweed Invasive Species Removal Project
  • Pollinator Garden ready for Winter
  • Tree Saplings doing well

NCC Woodland Trail Maintenance – Buckthorn root removal

[Buckthorn Team in the Woods]

Left to right – Kris Phillips, Catherine Shearer and Adrian Bradley showing some of the Buckthorn roots removed from the pathway as part of ongoing trail maintenance in making the trails safer and more accessible.

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