Heritage tree initiative

Dear Neighbours,

We have many beautiful trees in our neighbourhood, some of which have a
long and surprising history. Attached is a DRAFT report on that history,
being prepared for consideration by the City of Ottawa’s heritage
committee and the Ottawa Forests and Green Space advisory committees. It
may result in a formal listing of the trees as natural features of
heritage value. The report is endorsed by three community associations –
ours plus the Island Park Community Association and the Westboro Beach
Community Association.

While the report is now circulating (to our Councillor, City staff, and
others) it will not be formally submitted for consideration and decision
until after an event in early June you might consider attending. Thanks in
part to the attention received by resistance to cutting an ancient bur oak
on Northwestern Avenue, the Ontario Urban Forest Council (OUFC) and
various local groups have organized a workshop and speakers on heritage
trees, to take place at the Experimental Farm on June 8. There will also
be a tour the following day of heritage-potential trees and forests,
including our own neighbourhood, as part of a certification process
offered by OUFC. The purpose is to raise awareness and the level of
knowledge about the issues among citizens, City officials and Councillors.
The speakers list and other details are attached.

If you have any questions or comments on the heritage report, the 106
individual trees listed from the three neighbourhoods, or any other
related matter, please feel free to contact me at dbuckles@sympatico.ca or
613-722-8048. We have until June 8 to make revisions to the report before
submitting it to the City for their consideration.

Best Regards,

Daniel Buckles
Secretary, CPCA

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