Blasting at Tunney’s Pasture

Just so you know what’s making that loud thump noise every few hours, and other sound effects, we received this message from Steph at councillor Jeff Leiper’s office…

With help from Yasir’s office, our message got through to the government team overseeing the construction at the heating/cooling plant at Tunney’s currently. We asked about the work, to be sure, and any ways to get a timeline/notifications on the work. Here’s the response we got:

“From now until the end of March 2022, the construction team will be conducting controlled blasts at the site on weekdays from 8:00 to 4:00 Monday to Thursday and from 8:00 to 1:00 on Fridays. There will be no more than one per hour. From time to time there may be hoe ramming done on site as well to break up rock.

Members of the public interested in learning more about the ESAP project or asking us a question by email should visit There is also a contact us page on the site which allows people to ask questions directly to the construction team.”

I would suggest those with concerns get directly in contact with them through that page. I suspect the major disruption is coming from the hoe-ramming, in addition to the blasting. I know our power is limited in a project like this, but I nonetheless wanted to pass on the information to you and neighbours as soon as we got it.

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  1. Excellent info, as per usual. Thank you. GudrunSmith at Clearview.


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