Tunney’s Pasture History and Future Walk – May 7

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Greetings from the Neighbours for Tunney’s Group

Greetings Neighbours for Tunney’s!

We wanted to let you know that local historian Dave Allston will be leading a Jane’s Walk right here in Tunney’s Pasture this weekend–with Neighbours for Tunney’s feeding in as well. The walk will begin behind the LRT station at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning. It is a planned two hour walk, with lots of tidbits and stories from Tunney’s Pasture’s past (former residential sections, the shantytown, the nuclear reactor, the axe factory, Cave Creek, the railways and more) and information on what we know of the redevelopment plans for the future, including details on what community members are pushing for in our important ongoing role at the table as part of the Communities Perspectives Group.

Sign up in advance here: Tunney’s Pasture: The past and future!

If you don’t already know, Jane’s Walks are a festival of free walking tours celebrating the ideas and work of Jane Jacobs. Jane was a scholar, author and urban activist who championed cities designed for people. Following her advice to “get out and walk,” Jane’s Walk provides a collective experience for people to become more familiar with Ottawa, and hopefully, to increase our sense of shared ownership of the city.

Find all of this year’s walks, including details on an exciting new launch event, by visiting the website here: janeswalkottawa.ca

Hope to see you Sunday!

Yours Sincerely,
Neighbours for Tunney’s