Update from Neighbours for Tunney’s

Tunney’s Pasture Redevelopment: Update from Neighbours for Tunney’s

Neighbours for Tunney’s (NFT) compiled a list of residents’ questions on the status of the Tunney’s Pasture redevelopment project and submitted it to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) and Canada Lands Company (CLC). Questions ranged from specific ones about the ongoing demolition and reconstruction activity to those about future provision of greenspace and traffic management studies. The answers provided by the Canada Lands Company are included at the end of this post.

To stay informed, visit the Engage website at: https://engage.clc-sic.ca/tunney-s-pasture-vision-to-reality.

To join Neighbours for Tunney’s, click this link: http://www.neighboursfortunneys.ca/, on the Wellington Village Community Association website, then follow the instructions on the page, after the bolded line “To join our emailing list, please click this link”.

Please feel free to contact Heather Pearl at hptek20@teksavvy.com if you wish additional information.

[The questions posed by Neighbours for Tunney's, April 2023]
See all the pages of questions here: NFT to PSPC&CL Q&A 202303.pdf