Scott Street Cycling and Pedestrian Presentation

Co-chair Heather writes:

On November 25, Jeff Leiper hosted an information and Q&A session with City Transportation Planning Staff, on upcoming changes to Scott St, to make it more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. Plans are to upgrade the section from Churchill to Holland later next year. Jeff provided us a copy of the presentation which describes the project and timelines. Within the next month, Staff will put up a web page with further information. The page will be updated as work proceeds.

Thank you,

The presentation, and YouTube archive of the video conference are indexed in our city councillor’s page on the meeting:
[Long Term Plan Map - One Way Cycling on the Multiuse Path beside the Transitway]

One thought on “Scott Street Cycling and Pedestrian Presentation

  1. If you have feedback, Bike Ottawa is interested:

    Subject: Scott St. Improvements: soliciting feedback
    Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2020 13:34:20 -0500
    From: William van Geest

    Dear Champlain Park Community Association,

    I write on behalf of Bike Ottawa to solicit your association’s input.

    As you are likely aware, the City of Ottawa will be reconfiguring Scott Street between Churchill Avenue N and Bayview Station Road to be more pedestrian- and bicyclist-friendly. (Information on this reconfiguration is available here.) Because this corridor is in proximity to the area that the Champlain Park Community Association represents, we would like to hear the Association’s thoughts on this reconfiguration and find out how Bike Ottawa may advocate to the City with you or on your behalf.

    I wish to draw your attention in particular to the intersection of Carleton Avenue and Scott Street. Along this portion of Scott Street, Westboro Beach is connected to Westboro via Lanark Avenue, Mechanicsville to Hintonburg via Carruthers Avenue, and Champlain Park to Wellington Village via Carleton Avenue. Whereas where the intersections with the first two streets Scott Street are planned as protected intersections, the intersection with Carleton Avenue is not.

    I would also be glad to speak with you over the phone, should that be helpful.

    Kind regards,
    William van Geest

    Member, Advocacy Working Group
    Bike Ottawa (

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