Scott Street Sewer Construction Open House – February 20

You probably have already received the paper flyer from the city about the partial closing of Scott street this summer and fall. There’s also an open house meeting to consult the public on Thursday at 6:30 to 8:30pm (presentation starts at 7pm) at the Churchill Seniors Centre.

Keyworth Avenue Sewer Work

In local news – The Keyworth Avenue Sewer is being Rehabilitated.

The city’s contractor has been installing a temporary sewer pipe from the corner of Clearview and Keyworth right over the Carleton Avenue bridge and onto Scott Street. Once the sewer under Keyworth has been bypassed, they’ll be relining it to make it last longer (delaying the need to dig it up and replace it).

Of course, during this work Keyworth will be even more impassible than usual (lots of house construction already clogs up the south end). There was even a bus detour to completely avoid the street on Thursday due to a gas leak. Though they did bury most of the temporary pipe, so Keyworth should be mostly back to normal during the relining operation.

Temporary sewer pipe crosses Carleton Avenue bridge and goes down south side of Amanda Avenue.

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