Scott Street Sewer and Watermain Rehabilitation Project

Following up on the February Meeting, construction starts soon. The City of Ottawa’s Infrastructure Services Department has provided the following information on the Scott Street Sewer and Watermain Rehabilitation Project:

This is a preliminary construction schedule provided by the contractor and is currently being reviewed by the City and the contract administrator. If anything changes during this review process, the City will provide additional updates. Notices will be sent to the area residents prior to the planned road closures, and signage will be installed to indicate the closures.

The following table provides a summary of the major construction events and activities.

Please note that parking restrictions on Wellington Street will be implemented starting August 17th.

Scott Street and some of the side streets listed in the construction notices (attached) will be closed to facilitate the construction. I will provide additional updates with the schedules for the proposed side street closures as soon as they become available.

Construction Activity Estimated Start Date Estimated Duration Estimated Completion Date
Temporary removal of the existing bulb-outs on Wellington Street at Granville and Huron. August 5, 2020 9 Days August 17, 2020
Widening of the existing MUP on the north side of Scott Street; pedestrian and cyclist traffic detoured to the south side of Scott Street. August 5, 2020 9 days August 17, 2020
Implementation of OC-Transpo Bus detours prior to Scott Street eastbound closure. Implementation of Scott Street detour via Churchill-Richmond/Wellington-Holland. August 17, 2020 1 day August 18, 2020
Phase 1A (Oakdale to Western): Scott Street eastbound closure to facilitate sewer and watermain rehabilitation works. August 18, 2020 46 days October 8, 2020
Phase 1B (Western to Ross): Scott Street eastbound closure to facilitate sewer and watermain rehabilitation works. September 9, 2020 39 days November 2, 2020
Phase 2 (Island Park to Oakland): Scott Street eastbound closure to facilitate sewer and watermain rehabilitation works. October 6, 2020 32 days November 8, 2020
Phase 3 (McRae to Clifton): Scott Street to be reduced to one lane with traffic alternating in the east and west directions to facilitate replacement of the existing sanitary sewers. TBD (Tentative: August 18th) 15 days TBD
Phase 4 (west of Athlone): Short-term closure of Scott Street west of Athlone to facilitate sanitary sewer works. November 2, 2020 15 days November 23, 2020
Final reinstatements November 23, 2020 26 days December 11, 2020
Project Completion December 31, 2020

[First Page of Construction Notice]
July 2020 – CP362 Scott St Rehab – EN.pdf

[Première page de l'avis de construction]
July 2020 – CP362 Scott St Rehab – FR.pdf