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Kindergarten Classes at St. George School

Hello! My name is Roisin Philippe and I am the principal of St George School. This is a very strange spring for registration at our school given the current Health situation in our Province and City. Normally, at this time, we would be hosting a Welcome to Kindergarten evening. At this point, it will be most unlikely that this will happen before the end of the school year given the current health situation in our Province.

Having been a kindergarten teacher for many years, I can tell you that it is a very special time in your child’s life where they get to explore many new and exciting things alongside similar age peers who encourage out of the box thinking. Their formal education starts in kindergarten. They will deepen their creative side through a variety of activities, learn to be critical thinkers and problem solvers – becoming more resilient individuals and independent learners, learn the importance of collaboration with adults and children, expand their communication skills to express themselves, share their voice, learn the importance of good character skills through manners and being respectful of others, and seeing their role as a citizen of their class, their school and their community. The best part of all of this is that it is all done through play! The educators provide many provocations but take their lead from the children, seeking out their interests and building on their skills. I truly hope that your child will be able to engage in these wonderful opportunities with us at St George.

For more information about what our Kindergarten program can offer you and your child with the Ottawa Catholic School Board, please click on the following link OCSB – Kindergarten What’s it all about?

How to register

  1. Find your school
  2. Submit online registration form and collect documents

Specific questions regarding registration can be directed to

If you have any questions about St George school, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at We are currently working on a Virtual Welcome to Kindergarten which we will share with all who are registered shortly!!

Roisin Philippe
Principal, St George Catholic School,

Neighbourhood Activities Suspended due to Covid-19

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of CPCA’s usual activities that involve close contact between people (fieldhouse bookings, social activities, membership drive, spring clean-up, face to face meetings, etc.), have been temporarily suspended.

Some of our Board members continue to safely carry out routine administrative tasks and attend virtual meetings (FCA, City Committees, and other groups we are involved with).

We are monitoring public health advice as the pandemic evolves, and will keep you informed via the website and notifications of any updates and changes related to our operations.

Thanks to everyone in the community for your patience and the co-operative efforts we see as people retain physical distancing while still enjoying being out and about in our neighbourhood.

Signed the CPCA Board

Planting Spots Available

Subject: Re: Planting season!
Date: Fri, 15 May 2020 13:46:15 +0000
From: Alexandra Evershed

Calling all gardeners!

Have you noticed the large planters at the north end of Champlain park that block off the de-paved area?

These are planted and tended by some of your neighbours. A couple of planters are available this year. Please contact Alexandra ( if you would like to adopt one!

Thank you!

Alexandra Evershed

[Planter with new Herbs]

Pete’s Plant Giveaway – May 16

Hello all,

I am a Champlain Park resident (140 Northwestern Ave.) and am familiar to some of you.

I need your help with a charitable act in the community. My 2 children and I have raised a large number of tomato plant seedlings (see attached picture) of 3 varieties.

[Rows of Styrofoam Cups with Tomato Seedlings]

We would normally be selling them at local school Elmdale’s Annual Spring event but of course this is not possible this year.

We are proposing that for every plant that finds a happy home, we will donate $2.00 to the Parkdale Food Center’s General Operations fund (there are approx. 140 plants).
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HNTF Update for 2020-05-11

Here are a few fact sheets from the Human Needs Task Force, created by the City of Ottawa to help with the COVID-19 emergency. This week’s update (possibly there will be an update each week, let us know in the comments if it becomes too much or is too little) has the following documents:

  1. The ‘Who to Call’ document helps residents to differentiate between 211, 311 and 911. As you will see, this document is available in several languages.
  2. The Mental Health Resources for Seniors was created by our partners at Ottawa Public Health and has been shared during outreach efforts in Ottawa Community Housing buildings across the city
  3. The Food Fact Sheet offers a list of resources to support those who are, or may know someone who is, needing to access food

[Who to Call Poster]
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Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2020-05-11

This week’s topics:

  • Police Week.
  • Reduce the risk of thefts in vehicles.

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CPCA Submission to the Special Meeting of Ottawa’s PLC & ARAC

The attached letter is the Champlain Park Community Association’s submission to the Special Meeting of the Planning (PLC) and Agriculture and Rural Affairs (ARAC) committees, regarding expanding the urban boundary. The letter expresses Champlain Park’s support for two strong community values: the environment and quality of urban life.

Ottawa’s Community Associations have rallied to oppose the proposed urban boundary expansion. There are compelling reasons to “hold the line”. We do not, however, advocate a continuation of the same patterns in the future as we have seen in the past, with unplanned-for over-intensification inside the urban boundary, in particular in the inner urban Wards. We believe that intensification can be effected in an environmentally sustainable way that also respects the character of existing neighbourhoods.
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