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Love from Afar in Our Park! – September 11

A Company of Fools Presents “Love from Afar” in Champlain Park on September 11 2021, at 7 pm. Some details from their press release:

A Company of Fools returns to the Ottawa public outdoor stage with a (safe) bang this September.

Love From Afar: a collection of Shakespeare’s greatest hits woven together by the story of three friends discovering the meaning of love.

The 2021 tour is deliberately constrained to ensure adherence to safety restrictions, taking care to protect audience members and the Fools team. Unlike (previous) Fools’ summer shows, this will be a ticketed event with a strict audience limit. The pay-what-you-can policy stays, but this will be via an online ticketing platform or via phone. Cash or credit cards will not be accepted at the site.

Champlain Park’s ticket link:
General ticket link:

Fools website production info:
Fools volunteer opportunities:

[Love from Afar Poster]
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Clearview and Island Park Drive Traffic Light News Update

From our city councillor Jeff Leiper’s newsletter today:

IPD/Clearview pedestrian crossing

With my apologies, I learned last week that the planned pedestrian crossing at Island Park Drive and Clearview will likely not be completed now until October. The schedule I’d previously been given saw it completed by Labour Day. It’s been asserted to me that some required parts are on back-order, which has not been uncommon due to the pandemic. I have expressed my extreme disappointment to our City Manager both at the lack of notice and further delay in this project, and the City is exploring ways to try to accelerate completion.

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-08-20

Latest Neighbourhood Watch Item:

  • Queen Elizabeth Drive collision — police looking for witnesses.

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Curbside Garbage Collection Options

Subject: Curbside Garbage Collection Options – Public Engagement
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2021 22:39:43 -0400
From: Heather Pearl <>

The City is asking for your views on several options being considered for curbside garbage collection. To find out more and to provide feedback, go to the Engage Ottawa website at where you can:

  • Respond to a survey (until September 12);
  • Post comments or questions to the website to obtain a public response; and/or,
  • Sign up to participate in one of several workshops over the coming weeks.

Thanks, Heather

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-08-12

Latest Neighbourhood Watch Item:

  • Register your bike with 529 Garage near Westboro Beach this Saturday.

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Local Break-ins

There have been a few break-ins in the neighbourhood this week, including an unrequested porch package opening on Carleton, leaving stuff strewn about when they couldn’t find anything easy to re-sell. There have also been a couple of similar incidents on Cowley and some pollinator garden vandalism and a van break-in. If you see something, please contact the neighbourhood watch or file a report with our local police, so they can at least know what’s happening.

Photo Opportunity

Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2021 19:11:57 -0400
From: Daniel <>

Are you a photographer, looking for a local subject? The Champlain Park Community Association Environment Committee invites you to create one or a series of photographs of our new pollinator garden at its seasonal peak (now and for the next few weeks). We would appreciate your talent to help us showcase the garden and the community initiative, in our community and more broadly in the city. Photos selected for the purpose will earn you bragging rights and be a gift to the neighborhood! Send your selections to Daniel Buckles ( who will compile and convene a local show in September.

Daniel Buckles

[Pollinator Garden June 24, 2021 - Should be more spectacular by now (August)!  Maybe somebody could get a photo of that...]

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-08-04

Today’s Neighbourhood Watch:

  • Joint Operation .08 long August weekend results.

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Ecology Ottawa Air Quality

Subject: Fwd: Improving Ottawa’s Air Quality
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2021 19:36:38 -0400
From: Heather Pearl <>

[…] Of particular interest is the Ecology Ottawa Breathe Easy campaign. I borrowed one of EO’s air quality monitoring units in late May-early June, long before the wildfires started making Ottawa’s air quality toxic. It was an eye-opener to see how high the PM 2.5 particulate counts were on a few occasions (PM 2.5: the tiny particles that contribute to development of and exacerbate heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma etc. etc…. and even cross the placenta to wreak havoc). During a period when we still were pretty much locked down, the Transitway busses, traffic on IPD, plus heat and humidity, cooked up poor air quality in the south end of our neighbourhood. Now that IPD is almost back to being its usual linear parking lot self, the levels of dangerous particulates are likely to be more consistently high, even when we aren’t being affected by wildfire smoke.

For those who are interested in volunteering for the Breathe Easy Campaign: To join the team of nearly 100 volunteers taking part in Ottawa’s largest community-led science project, click here.

Thanks, Heather
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Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin for 2021-07-30

Today’s Neighbourhood Watch:

  • Operation .08 with RIDE checkpoint.

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