Jane’s Walk in the hood

Who doesn’t like a good story!

A Story Walk: Captain Cowley and the Mighty Oaks of Champlain

Daniel Avenue resident Dennis Van Staalduinen will lead a Jane’s Walk on Saturday, May 3, starting at the Champlain Park fieldhouse at noon.

The topic is the Champlain Oaks project and the story of Capt. Cowley.

It will run about two hours.

Please check www.janeswalkottawa.ca/walks/119 for more details about the walk and for background on the Jane’s Walk concept.

One thought on “Jane’s Walk in the hood

  1. This is a fantastic initiative. Bravo to you, Dennis, for taking it on.
    For those of you who might now know, Dennis led a similar walk that involved biking along the Ottawa River last year. It was memorable, as I’m sure this year’s offering will be.

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