Future Bayview Innovation Centre Tour – April 26

From our city councillor’s mailing list:


You’re Invited

Come and see the future Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards
Community Open House and Tours
7 Bayview Road
Saturday, April 26, 2014
2:00 – 4:00 PM

Did you know that there’s a $30 M plan to develop an Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards? In partnership with the Province of Ontario, we’re building a 45,000 square foot facility that will provide space to incubate and grow new businesses from the ground up in Ottawa, creating jobs and diversifying our economy.

This facility will welcome the greater community of Mechanicsville, Hintonburg and the whole City, with new facilities and community spaces, and provide amenities such as a new cafe.

The greater Bayview Yards area is set to become Ottawa’s next great urban neighbourhood, bringing homes and jobs to the junction of the Confederation Line LRT and the O-Train at Bayview Station. The Innovation Centre is just the first public facility which will anchor this exciting new area. This is all part of a community vision articulated in the Bayview Community Design Plan.

The details of this exciting plan will soon be presented, but you are invited for a sneak peak.

I hope to see you at Bayview Yards this Saturday.

Katherine Hobbs

One response to “Future Bayview Innovation Centre Tour – April 26

  1. I went on the tour to see the Bayview City Workshops, last used by the city for sewer servicing operations. The building is a nice solid concrete structure, built in 1944, and still good enough to be reused.

    prototypeD Workshops Inc ( ) is a non-profit planning to make it into a facility for incubating new products and startup companies. They had a nice handout showing all the spaces and how they’d be used (media workshop, 3D printing and manufacturing area, cafe, rentable office space, etc). Our tour guide CEO Janak Alford led and explained. Other groups were being shepherded around by other prototypeD people – it was well attended, even on a rainy day.

    The building is strong enough for a green roof (a garden on top) and they have similar ideas for low resource use and more plant life for the rest of the building’s structure and facilities, and landscaping in the courtyard. They also have future plans to leave space to build a tower, good since it means they won’t have to demolish the place to add new buildings.

    Other cities are doing innovation centres like this ( in Waterloo and there’s another in Toronto), and prototypeD has listened to their advice.

    Digging into the history of the place, after the furniture repair shop employing disadvantaged people, it seems to have been abandonned.

    Then it looks like they were trying to find a use for the place in 2012, the Council for the Arts article also has lots of photos:

    Then in 2013 The Ottawa Business Journal has an article on the “innovation complex” idea,

    Interesting idea, hope it takes off, looks like it would be a nice place to work in too.

    – Alex