Champlain Park Neighbourwoods Survey

Neighbourwoods in Champlain Park is a volunteer initiative to foster neighbourhood stewardship of the trees in Champlain Park. We’d like to know what you think about our first major result.

To respond, first view the following two info-graphics showing the trees mapped on three blocks. One shows data on species diversity, the age/size of trees, location and tree condition, as well as counting the spaces where new trees could be planted. The other summaries the fiancial benefits of the mapped trees, using calculation methods developed by the USDA Forestry Service (go to iTree calculator).

[Tree Mapping Poster of our Neighbourhood]

Click to access inventory-oct-2017.pdf

[Financial Benefits of Trees Poster]

Click to access tree-benefits-jan-13-2018.pdf

Please tell us what you think about the results, by answering 8 questions. We will use your responses to help us decide whether or not to continue the effort, and how to improve it. To complete the survey online:

Thanks, Daniel Buckles