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Playground Flooding Warning

Champlain Park is constructed on part of the Ottawa River’s old flood plain. This can affect the rate of storm water drainage during heavy rains. Therefore, we suggest that our residents also exercise caution around the wading pool, play structure and in any low-lying areas.

General flood info and current status:


Water pooling and flooding creates hazard at some City parks

April 17, 2019 Announcements and Events

The City of Ottawa is asking residents to ensure that children and pets are kept away from City wading pools and play structures in parks located near a river.
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Wading Pool Opening Soon – July 3

It’s Getting Close to Pool Time!

Wading pools will open for the season starting on July 3, 2018 (weather dependent) and run until August 28. It’s usually open noonish until around dinner time, closed on Wednesdays. The city’s Wading Pool Information Page has more information and a map. The opening of wading pools is dependent on the weather. If the weather looks uncertain, call the Seasonal Recreation Office at 613-580-2590 to find out if the wading pool is open that day.

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Re: Repaired Park Benches!

New boards on the picnic tables.

On 2018-05-15 08:52 PM, Heather Pearl wrote:

Hi neighbours. This note is an update to Alex’s message regarding the new / refurbished park benches and picnic tables. This truly was a successful team effort, led by Champlain Park resident Dominique Simoneau-Ritchie. Dominique was ably and enthusiastically assisted by residents Alex Smith and Carol Arnason, and Fiona Mitchell, who is Jeff Leiper’s Assistant.

As a result of the team effort, we not only have better furniture. Carol Arnason now has a contact in the City’s Public Works Department. Carol hopes to benefit Park users by fostering this relationship with Public Works, but she needs your help. As a first step, she would like to meet with neighbours who use the play area and pool during the summer. One goal is to involve residents in helping to maintain a safe, clean Park for their kids. Please be in touch.

Carol can be reached at

Thank you,

Repaired Park Benches!

I see that we have some repaired park benches, with new wood replacing the older splintered boards. There’s a bit of a story behind that…

Our community association co-chair had noticed that the benches were getting worn out, with splintered or rotting wood in several places. She took some photos last year in May 2017 to document it.

Worn out Bench (they all look like this). Though this one has one more recent beam in the back rest. Note the partial coverage of the back rest, which can be uncomfortable for some people. In May 2017.

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Wading Pool Opens July 4


The Champlain Park wading pool schedule is:

Season July 4, 2017 to August 28, 2017

Monday 11 am to 6 pm
Tuesday Noon to 7 pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday Noon to 7 pm
Friday 11 am to 6 pm
Saturday Noon to 5 pm
Sunday Noon to 5 pm


Wading Pool Opening – June 30

The wading pool will be opening on June 30th (weather permitting). See for the hours and other information.


Wading Pool Special Event – Tuesday July 22

Vanessa (one of the city staff at the park) has an update: The special event has been rescheduled to Tuesday July 22 because of the weather on last Tuesday. The theme is space and there will be lots of activities … Continue reading