168 Carleton Development Proposal Update

An update from our community association co-chair CoChair1:

The final revised design for three units (instead of the originally proposed four units) has now been approved, and a supplementary OMB Decision has been issued.  The original and supplementary decisions are attached.  Drawings and other documentation related to the approvals process are on file at the Committee of Adjustment office, 101 Centrepointe Drive.

The revised design was arrived at as a result of a negotiation process facilitated by the lawyers for both parties.  It  features a single-detached home with  a peaked roof at the corner of Carleton and Clearview and a semi-detached home on the interior Carleton Avenue lot with a flat roof.  All of the dwellings are two storey,  with rooftop decks designed to mitigate privacy and overlook.

The Clearview Avenue facade of the corner unit animates the street across from the park and the report of a Forestry expert confirms that the revised design will allow the distinctive bur oak on this lot to be preserved, when combined with other prescribed preservation measures.  Set-backs on Carleton Avenue have been increased to allow more room for soft landscaping and leaving space for three new street trees to replace the two that will be removed.

The revised design features the following changes to what was originally proposed at the Committee of Adjustment on June 1, 2011:

  • Formerly proposed semi-detached lot/dwellings on north half of existing 100 X 100 foot lot on the corner of Carleton and Clearview avenues, replaced by single lot/dwelling;
  • Setback of dwellings from Carleton increased from range of 3 ā€“ 5.4 metres to range of 4.65-6.16 metres to increase greenspace and more closely reflect existing pattern of development in neighbourhood;
  • Setback radius from mature Burr Oak adjacent to Clearview Avenue increased from previous application to 6 metres consistently to reduce potential development impacts upon tree (as per IFS Forestry report)
  • Driveway lengths along Carleton will be 5.62 metres (includes the section of the City Right of Way between the sidewalk and the property line) to lessen the potential for vehicles to  overhang and block sidewalk;
  • Number of street trees proposed along Carleton increased from two to three and species changed from Amur Maple to Service Berry and Hackberry (based on recommendation from  IFS Forestry Consultant);
  • Height of northernmost building increased from 7.3 metres to 8.31 metres to accommodate a pitched roof design on the new single family dwelling;
  • Height of southernmost semi-detached dwellings reduced from 7.3 metres to 6.9 metres.

168 Carleton OMB Decision May 22 2012 case PL110694.pdf