Bracelet – Found

From one of our neighbours:

We found this Pandora bracelet on January 14 near the corner of Amanda and Carleton and would love to reconnect it with its owner. If you can identify the bead that is concealed, then it must be yours! Please contact me via the webmaster.

[Pandora Bracelet with two loops interlocked]

Following up on the story two months later on March 18th:

The Pandora bracelet that my daughter found has been reunited with its owner, a Champlain Park resident. Funnily enough, the owner saw one of the posters we put up on various telephone poles around the neighbourhood, but it took over six weeks before she noticed it! As you can imagine, she was thrilled to get it back.

One thought on “Bracelet – Found

  1. Is that the one that was on the fence post? I saw it yesterday. I paused and wondered if I should do anything….


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