Alex Hay Obituary

Aimee passes on this obituary:

Echoes of Alex

[Alex Hay in 2019]

Alex Hay has lived with his children, Desmond and Maddie, in the Champlain community for the last 20 years, and with his partner, Yasmina, and his stepson Zachary for the past 8 yrs. Alex died recently while doing what he loved, camping and kayaking, in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.

Those who knew Alex’s voice will remember how he used it to make music in the backyard with family and friends on warm summer nights, singing and strumming his guitar. How he used it to speak for those whose voices were silenced through injustice and hardship. How his voice taught many children and adults the beauty of language and helped many new immigrants and refugees learn English. How he turned his voice into action, helping to clean up our neighbourhood on long walks with Zachary by the river, because he loved the outdoors and was passionate about nature.

Alex used his voice with compassion, kindness, and humour, but the real testament to the impact that his voice and life had on those who knew him, is in the power and volume of the echo it leaves behind. The echo that we, as neighbours, friends, and family, will hear when we walk by the mosque and remember Alex, who helped to organize a human chain to stand up for those who were persecuted ( We will hear his echo on the pathways when we walk by the river, and we will remember to appreciate, respect, and protect the nature that surrounds us. When we’re asked to help those in need, that echo will ring out of Alex helping, teaching, and speaking words of encouragement to those who are struggling. When we listen to the chorus of voices around us, singing and laughing in our neighbourhood, we will remember the echo of Alex and the music of his life, one that played in harmony with the environment and the community in which he lived.

And while his song was cut short, the echo of its melody will keep playing in Champlain for years to come.

We will miss you very much Alex. (link to tribute/obituary) (article about Alex in the Ottawa citizen)

Memorial service

There will be a memorial to celebrate the life of Alex Hay on July 2, 2022 at 1 p.m.

The memorial service is taking place on the Mādahòkì Farm (4420 West Hunt Club Road). As you know, Alex preferred style and comfort over formal wear, so you may choose to follow his lead in terms of dress.

Light refreshments will be served after the memorial. Please bring a couple of photos if you have them – we’ll put them up so we can share stories and memories.

If you have any questions, please reply to the account – that will help us coordinate more easily.