Passing of Len de Carle

Subject: Passing of Len de Carle
Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2020 08:13:16 -0400
From: John de Carle

Just wanted to let the community know that my father, Len de Carle, passed away on Thursday.

He (and my mother) were long-time residents of the Community and lived most of their adult lives on 66 Pontiac St.

John de Carle….

2 thoughts on “Passing of Len de Carle

  1. Len was a great neighbour and good friend after he & Audrey moved. He maintained his gentle & optimistic demeanour as long as I knew him – 40 years. One lost credit to humankind; one more shining star in the firmament.

  2. John and Phyllis and Abby, We’re so sorry for your loss. The history of families in Champlain Park is fascinating. Take care of yourself and your family, the O’Connells (Erin, Kevin, Avery and Will)

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