Yoga in the Park!

Yoga instructor, Carolynne Colbeck who lives in the neighbourhood has stepped forward to offer the following yoga practices below and is issuing a Yoga survey to potentially offer future Yoga offerings outside in the Park (Spring/Summer) and in the Fieldhouse (Fall – timing COVID dependant)  

Please complete the Champlain Park Yoga Survey  indicating your preferences in helping to determine these future class offerings by February 28, 2021, many thanks in advance.

Carolynne provides the following description of her practice: 

 “Her passion is in teaching gentle and accessible yoga to students no matter their shape or mobility level on the yoga mat, while offering lessons on how to cultivate more ease and intention off the yoga mat.”

1. Virtual gentle hatha and yin yoga classes for the winter season are running now until mid-March. 

Here is the link to the virtual classes:

2. Free weekly classes on her YouTube channel here:

3. Potential outdoor yoga classes starting in the spring or summer.  She offered outdoor yoga classes in Old Ottawa east last summer and they were very well received given peoples’ desire for COVID-safe activities.  

Detail to come forward at a future date once she has established herself.

Additionally, Adrian & Suzanne Bradley will also be stepping down from coordination of both the yoga and fitness classes. It has been a great pleasure to support these classes in the community with all our wonderful class participants.

Carolynne Colbeck will run her Yoga offerings herself through her own contact methods and communicating through the Champlain Park website yoga page.

We hope you are all staying healthy and happy and looking forward to the future of good things to come.

Wishing you all the best, Namaste

Adrian and Suzanne Bradley