156 and 158 Northwestern Development Proposal Comments

Attached please find information related to this proposal, which will be heard at the Committee of Adjustment on April 17.

The CPCA Development Committee has met with the owner and architect to review this proposal and our comments are in the attached letter. We support this proposal for the reasons stated in the letter.

The Architect and Owner have given us permission to post the following documentation, which is also attached:

  • Architectural Plans
  • Close-Up View of Landscape Plan
  • Letter from the Architect regarding a revision to the requested driveway/walkway width variance. (The drawing has not changed, but the wording of the variance has been revised to conform with the new zoning by-law for infill in mature neighbourhoods.

Attached are also:

  • The CPCA letter to the Committee of Adjustment.
  • The Committee of Adjustment Notice which lists, in addition to the lot width variance, a number of other variance requests, most of them related to the new zoning for infill in mature neighbourhoods. We regard most of these as “technical variances” but consider that overall the proposal is compatible with its location in the neighbourhood.

If you have questions, you may contact any of the following people:

Kayla Spruit Chris Simmonds Architects (kayla@csarchitect.com)
CPCA Development Committee: Duncan Bury (la.db@sympatico.ca); Heather Pearl (hpearl2012@gmail.com); CoChair1 champlainpark@gmail.com

156 – 158 Northwestern letter CPCA to COA April 12, 2013 Final.pdf
COANotice 156-58NW.pdf
158 & 156 Northwestern Plans.pdf
158 & 156 Northwestern Driveway and Walkway Width Variance Updated.pdf
158 & 156 Northwestern Driveway and Walkway Front Yard Revised Drawing.pdf