Champlain Park Environmental Strategy

The Champlain Park Community Environment Strategy

– Sustainable living in a healthy urban forest –

The Champlain Park Community Environment Strategy delivers on the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Plan Goal #2: Sustainable living in a healthy urban forest. The strategy is meant to provide an overview of the community’s commitment to the environment, current and future potential projects being led by residents of the community and a list of resources that can be used to implement the strategy.


  • To engage residents to enhance our environment, reduce our environmental footprint including our carbon emissions, and nurture biodiversity in our unique mature urban forest.

This will be accomplished by working in the following areas:

  1. Lower our waste
    • Less garbage
    • Promote reducing/reusing/recycling/composting
    • Promote ethical/environmental considerations in our consumption
  2. Lower our carbon footprint from:
    • Heat
    • Electricity
    • Transportation
  3. Maintain/Increase our neighbourhood biodiversity including for:
    • Trees/plants
    • Wildlife
    • Food production: i.e. gardens, etc…

Types of actions that can be supported:

  • Information for individual actions
  • Group action – small collection of individuals
  • Collective/community action
  • Advocacy / point of contact for the community on environmental matters


Area Current Projects Lead
1. Lower Waste Overall Enviro Tips N.Xenos
Less garbage Champlain Park Clean-up Andrea & Ian
Promote Reducing/reusing/recycling/composting Champlain Park-Island Park annual garage sale
Promote ethical/environmental considerations in our consumption
2. Lower Carbon Overall
Ecology Ottawa Community Network
Heat Bullfrog ( N.Xenos
Electricity Bullfrog ( N.Xenos
3. Increase Biodiversity Trees/plants Champlain Oaks
Urban Forest Green spaces
Food production

Note: These projects are initiatives being undertaken by community residents, they are not necessarily formally endorsed by the CPCA.

Potential future projects/ideas:

  • Champlain Park acts as a river steward
  • Virtucar
  • Chimney swift monitoring
  • Installation of bat houses
  • E-waste – Ontario Electronic Stewardship
  • Community garden
  • Further researching information on disposal of specialized waste
  • Community composting
  • Community nurseries

Potential resources:

Other organizations to work/partner with or be aware of:

  • Ecology Ottawa
  • Ottawa Stewardship:
  • Greenspace Alliance of Canada’s Capital
  • Federation of Community Associations
  • Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods
  • Ottawa Forest and Greenspace Committee
  • Riverkeepers
  • Slow west
  • Ontario Urban Forest Council
  • Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op
  • Ottawa Forest and Greenspace Advisory Committee
  • Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
  • Community Association Forum for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES)
  • Others…

This is an evergreen document – please feel free to comment, propose changes, additions, etc…

Want to volunteer for an existing initiative or have a good new idea for a project?

Contact Nick Xenos, CPCA Environment Coordinator at