River Parkway Renaming Stories – May 10

Join us and share your stories about the parkway

As you may know, the National Capital Commission (NCC) is proceeding with a proposal to rename the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway (the parkway) through an Indigenous naming and engagement exercise.

Now is your chance to contribute. We want to hear your stories about the parkway, the river, and surrounding areas.

Join us in person to share your stories and memories about the area and to learn more about the engagement exercise that is currently underway with Indigenous communities to find a name for the parkway. Your stories will be featured in a summary report and may inform a future interpretation plan for the area, including the parkway and riverfront park.

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3 thoughts on “River Parkway Renaming Stories – May 10

  1. I am strongly against renaming the parkway an indigenous name. Why? Just call it parkway west.

  2. Keep it simple….The Western Parkway. Any other name or designation does not identify its location, thus confusing any visitor, or providing directions to someone.

  3. When I was in Alaska last May, an American Indigenous guide told us the way to know if something had been named by a white person or an Indigenous person: White people name things after people. Indigenous people give things descriptive names. So the parkway should be called Western Parkway.

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