Interac Payment of Membership Fees

A Reminder Regarding Membership Fees:

For those of you who want to pay your membership fees by Interac e-transfer, send them to: (no password is needed as this is set up for auto deposit).

Please make sure to include: your name, street address and email in the message area. This is essential for us to track payments and know where to deliver membership cards.

Jennie Hornosty, Membership Coordinator

[Screen shot of Membership Drive 2022 Poster]
2022 Membership Drive Handout v7.pdf

2 thoughts on “Interac Payment of Membership Fees

  1. Hi Jennie

    Is the account in the name of David Harding? One of my neighbours sent an etransfer and David Hardings name appeared.

    Pls advise. Thank you Maija Adamsons

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  2. Yes, that’s correct, Dave is the current treasurer of the CPCA. Perhaps we should use a more generic job title instead. Oh well, first time we’re trying this, so there are things to notice.

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