Community Association AGM Draft Agenda – February 1

Final agenda and link to the Zoom webinar is now ready, see

Note that there’s a newer agenda in the AGM poster. The final Agenda and link to the Zoom webinar will be posted on noon on Monday January 24th.

Draft Agenda

Champlain Park Community Association Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, February 1, 2022
7:00 PM via Zoom
Everybody Welcome

Here is a draft of the agenda for the AGM. Please contact the secretary with new items and changes.

Meeting Chair: Nick Xenos


  1. Guest Speaker: David Wise, City of Ottawa, Planner and Program Manager, Zoning Unit (30 minutes)
  2. Financial Report from CPCA Finance Committee: Dave Harding (10 minutes)
  3. Election of Board for 2022: Nick Xenos (10 minutes)
  4. Report from City Councillor: Jeff Lieper (30 minutes)
  5. Business Items:
    1. Approval of minutes of previous AGM 27 Jan 2021: Liz Gyalokay (2 minutes)
    2. Reports from the 2020/21 Board (5 minutes each)
      1. Planning and Zoning – Heather Pearl
      2. Environment – Kris Phillips
      3. Rink Update- Dan Wilcock
      4. Communications: Carol Arnason
      5. Social – Nick Xenos
      6. Civic Engagement – Roland Dorsay
      7. Thanks to departing board members – Nick Xenos
    3. Call for volunteers – Lynne Bankier (5 minutes)
    4. Other Business
    5. Adjournment