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Subject: RE: MTO – Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Study for the Rehabilitation / Replacement of Ottawa Queensway Mid-town Bridges from Holland Avenue to O’Connor Street (G.W.P. 4075-11-00) – Public Information Centre #2
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 15:24:41 +0000

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Andrew Harkness (Morrison Hershfield)

February 16, 2015

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Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) – Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Study for the Rehabilitation / Replacement of Ottawa Queensway Mid-town Bridges from Holland Avenue to O’Connor Street (G.W.P. 4075-11-00) – Public Information Centre #2

THE STUDY – The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) has retained Morrison Hershfield Ltd. (MH) to undertake a preliminary design and environmental assessment study for the rehabilitation and / or replacement of twenty-three bridges (twelve locations) on Highway 417 (Ottawa Queensway) from Holland Avenue to O’Connor Street, in the City of Ottawa. This study will determine the appropriate strategy for the rehabilitation or replacement of the bridges. The study areas are shown on the map below.
Description: Study Area Map report - English 10-21-2013
REASON TO ATTEND – Several alternatives have been reviewed for each bridge including structural and construction staging options in order to minimize disruption to the Queensway. In addition, engineering, environmental, and property requirements have been established, along with the identification of mitigation measures to reduce or negate short and long term residual effects. Technically Preferred Alternatives (TPAs) have been identified for all twenty-three bridges and the recommendation is for rehabilitation of bridges at Holland, Parkdale, Fairmont, Bayswater, Bank and O’Connor and replacement of bridges at the CPR/O-Train, Preston, Rochester, Booth, Bronson and Percy.

THE PROCESS – This study is following the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000) planning process for a Group “B” project, with the opportunity for external agency and public consultation throughout the project.

You are invited to attend the second of two Public Information Centres (PICs) with the purpose of explaining the study process, presenting the TPAs and mitigation plans, and obtaining comments. There will be an opportunity to discuss any concerns with MTO staff and members of the consulting team and to provide written comments (to be submitted to the study team by March 13, 2015). Please join us at the PIC scheduled on:

Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015
Time: 4:00PM – 8:00PM
Location: St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall at 523 St. Anthony Street, Ottawa
Accessible location in accordance with Ontarians with Disability Act

Upon completion of this study, a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) will be prepared and made available for a 30-day public review period. You will be notified directly and a notice of TESR Submission will be published in the Ottawa Citizen and Le Droit as well as on the project website at

COMMENTS – If you cannot attend this PIC, and you would like to discuss the project, receive additional information, or provide input, please contact the Consultant or MTO Project Manager listed below or visit the project website:

Steve Taylor, P. Eng., Project Manager Don Rowat, P. Eng., Senior Project Engineer
Morrison Hershfield / BT Engineering Ministry of Transportation
2440 Don Reid Drive 1355 John Counter Boulevard
Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 1E1 Kingston, Ontario, K7L 5A3
Tel. 613-228-4813; Toll Free 1-855-228-4813 Tel. 613-545-4723; Toll Free 1-800-267-0295
Fax 613-280-1305 Fax 613-540-5106

While an accessible location is being used in accordance with the Ontarians with Disabilities Act (ODA), if you have any other ODA requirements in order to participate in this project please contact one of the Project Team members listed above. All information will be collected in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (2009). With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.

Pour des renseignements en français veuillez communiquer avec Karine Bertrand au: 613-739-2910 poste 1022253 ou

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Steve Taylor, P.Eng.
Project Manager

Don Rowat, Senior Project Engineer, MTO Eastern Region Planning & Design Section
Kevin Ogilvie, MTO Senior Environmental Planner
Andrew Harkness, Consultant Environmental Manager

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