Tree By-Laws and Designated Substance Report

The CPCA Development Sub-Committee has developed a cover letter and information document for owners and developers of properties where we have knowledge that demolition and re-building is to occur. The information is related to legislative requirements for a “designated substance report (DSR)” and also to the City of Ottawa tree by-laws.

We have also initiated an inquiry related to why the DSR requirement is not currently listed on the demolition permit application for the City of Ottawa, whereas it is for some other municipalities. This topic is expected to be discussed at Planning Committee early in 2013. We have also forwarded this information to the Federation of Citizens’ Associations (FCA) to alert other communities to these issues.

Attached are the detailed documents related to these topics.


Demolition and Hazardous Substances 10Dec2012 Thumbnail
Inquiry-demolition-ohsa Councillor Hobbs 24Aug2012.pdf
CPCA Letter to Owners & Developers 5January2013.pdf
Demolition and Hazardous Substances 10Dec2012.pdf