Pet Sitting – Term of Services

For persons under the age of 18 and whom like to have their name added to the Champlain Park Community website list of Pet Sitters they must have their parents permission.

Permission to publish names may be established via the Pet Sitter related services:

The Community website will only publish the Pet Sitter’s name and phone number, any other information is required to establish parental consent.

Terms of using this service
Community website” refers to the Champlain Park Community website –

The Community website publishes the names and phone numbers of Pet Sitters as a service and convenience to the community.

All Pet sitters arrangements are strictly between the Pet Owners of the pets requiring supervision and the Pet Sitter.

The function of the Community website is only to advertise a list of Pet Sitters.

The Community website does not endorse or recommend Pet Sitters. It is the responsibility of the Pet Owner to interview, screen, do reference checks etc. prior to acquiring the services of any Pet Sitter.

The Community website takes no responsibility or liability for the use of the information on this website, including any transactions or dealings between the Pet Owners requiring pet supervision and the Pet Sitter.