“Open” Executive Meeting – January 8

“Open” Executive Meeting

When:    Jan. 8, 2015
Time:      7-9 pm
Where:  Champlain Park Fieldhouse

At the recent CPCA AGM, we discussed whether CPCA Board meetings should be open to the general membership. The CPCA Executive are unanimous in regarding this as a worthwhile initiative.

Accordingly, we invite any interested member of the CPCA to join us at our next Executive Board meeting at the field house on January 8, 2015.

The overall theme for the upcoming meeting is strategic planning and priority setting for 2015. While there will always be unanticipated developments throughout the year to which the Executive will need to react, our objective is to adopt a somewhat more structured approach to making our community a better place to live, work, play.

We look forward to your participation Nick Xenos, CPCA Environment Committee Coordinator will facilitate, assisted by several other executive members.

Discussion topics will include:

1. Overall vision for CPCA – who we are, want to be.
2. Key business lines (themes).
3. Related priorities and activities.
4. What to discuss with our new Councillor, Jeff Leiper.
5. Other Business.

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