House Sitting

List of House Sitters:

Below are listed House Sitters who either live or work in our community and can be recommended by residents of our community. In alphabetical order:

Name Telephone Notes
Removed due to problematic phone calls.

If you would like to be identified as a House Sitter within our community,
please send email to:

Terms of using this Service
“Community website” refers to the Champlain Park Community website –

  • The Community website publishes the names and phone numbers of House Sitters as a service and convenience to the community, at the request of the House Sitter.
  • All House Sitting transactions and interactions are strictly between the Home Owner and House Sitter. The Community website does not get involved, we only advertise potential House Sitters.
  • The Community website does not endorse or recommend any House Sitters.
  • It is the responsibility of the Home Owner to interview, screen, do reference checks etc. prior to acquiring the services of any House Sitter.
  • The Community website takes no responsibility or liability for the use of the information on this website, including any transactions or dealings between the Home Owners and House Sitters.