Block Captains

We need volunteers for Block Captains to assist in helping us to make our community a safer place for all residents under the Neighbourhood Watch program.

Block Captains

The duties of the Block Captain will offer very little change in lifestyle for the citizen involved. Rather, they provide a means for the Block Captain to meet his or her neighbours, as well as a vehicle for making the community a safer place to live.

Block Captains duties can include:

  • Supervising the Watch activities of the community members who join Neighbourhood Watch;
  • Responsible for 1 city block, or similar designated territory;
  • Assisting in welcoming new neighbours;
  • Assisting Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator with meetings;
  • Encourage neighbourhood participation in the Neighbourhood Watch program;
  • Serve as a liaison between Block Captain and community members, including channeling information;
  • Attending the Neighbourhood Watch seminars or workshops that may be conducted from time to time;
  • Inform Watch members of Neighbourhood Watch techniques, such as how to observe suspicious activity, what to observe, and similar crime prevention techniques; and
  • Provide incentive for community members to continue their crime prevention efforts.

Watch members: community members who participate in Neighbourhood Watch; they report suspicious activity to their Block Captains, for instance.

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