Yoga Fall 2014

yogaChamplain Park Yoga Class information

A new session of the Champlain Park Yoga classes starts this Fall 2014.

We meet at the Champlain Park Fieldhouse on Wednesday’s between 6:45-7:45pm.

This session runs from September 10th – December 17th, 2014 inclusive (15 classes for a total cost $105.00).
The cost works out to $7.00 a class for a full session membership.
(An additional $15.00 will be collected with the fees if you are not a current member of Champlain Park Community Association)

Please consider joining us for a free sample class to see if you would be interested.
We are also allowing drop in classes for $10 a class subject to space availability.

If you would like to try a class or drop in on occasion, you must call before a Wednesday class to confirm due to space availability.

Champlain Park Hatha Yoga Classes introduce yoga poses, movements, breathing, and relaxation techniques to help improve posture, strength, flexibility, balance, concentration and provide stress relief.
See what fitness benefits you can achieve from having a regular yoga practice.
No prerequisites.
Wear comfortable clothes; bring a yoga mat; and something warm for relaxation.

Instructor: Debbie Wallace, a Certified Yoga Teacher, a Personal Fitness Trainer and a Natural Health Counselor.

If you are interested in joining these beneficial fun classes, please
contact Adrian or Suzanne Bradley for additional information 613-722-2248 or

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