Champlain Park has many Tree related things:

Actual neighbourhood forests include the Champlain Woods to the north and west of the neighbourhood on NCC land. We often help with trimming back invasive species and putting woodchips on the paths. The Little Woods is the city owned house sized site on the north-west corner of Clearview and Patricia, which gets more intensive care (sometimes from school groups) and planting of trees. Then there are all the trees in people’s yards, including some famous ancient Bur Oaks.

Trees in Champlain Park
The Champlain Park Community Association wants to help you make a decision to plant succession trees or new trees in the residential part of the neighbourhood, and to support native biodiversity in the neighbourhood. Visit the home page of this project to find out more. Part of the CAFES neighbourhood tree canopy network.
[Tree Canopy Regeneration Project Postcard - A]
[Tree Canopy Regeneration Project Postcard - B]

The Champlain Park Plant Caretaker Network
We are asking interested Champlain Park residents to provide foster homes for taking care for tree saplings, shrubs and plants in their yards, on porches or patios until planting locations are properly prepared.

Champlain Oaks Project
They are called the Champlain Oaks because of their location in Champlain Park neighbourhood and because, like Samuel de Champlain himself, they are part of local history. The Champlain Oaks also refers to the group of neighbours that came together in early 2011 to raise awareness about the threat posed to these giant trees due to lack of enforcement of Ottawa’s Urban Tree Conservation By-law.

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And many more projects, like the pollinator garden, carolinian forest and street planters. At the other end of the tree lifetime, we have the winter bonfire which reduces wood (like Christmas trees) back to ashes. The cycle is complete, though this page may be missing a few tree related projects; there are so many!