🌳 Trees in Champlain Park – About Us πŸŒ²

About Us

We are neighbourhood volunteers, passionate about trees and dedicated to sustainable living in a healthy urban forest.

Why Trees in Champlain Park?

It’s simple. Beauty – Health – Biodiversity.

Trees and flowering plants are a big part of what makes Champlain Park such a great place to live. If we are not careful, however, we will lose trees and greenspaces, one tree or open space at a time. The Champlain Park Community Association wants to help you make a decision to plant succession trees or new trees in the residential part of the neighbourhood, and to support native biodiversity in the neighbourhood. Check out the resources available to you, and contact us for advice on next steps. We also welcome your support to the pollinator garden, planters and forest spaces we are creating together along Pontiac Avenue. They connect us to the Ottawa River and to the native biodiversity that supports all of us.

This is a project of the Champlain Park Community Association, in partnership with the CAFES neighbourhood tree canopy network.