New Patricia Avenue Sidewalk

In local news – there’s a new sidewalk on Patricia Avenue!

The former asphalt one has been replaced with a new concrete sidewalk. It has fewer cracks than the old one, a slip reduction rubber pad at the corner, and the sideways tilt is about half of the previous one (formerly it had driveway ramps sloping up completely in the half of the sidewalk next to the street).

The more noticeable change is that the corner of Patricia and Amanda is narrower, just the width of the road. Formerly it was the junction with Island Park Drive and part of the extra wide curve was the former road going up the hill to Island Park.

The $120,000 budget was funded by the city of Ottawa and the Federal government. And it seems like they’re finished as of October 18th 2019, except for a bit of landscaping repair to the adjacent front lawns.

New Patricia Avenue sidewalk at the corner with Sunnymede. Note the slip reduction rubber pad built into the curve, the place where slips are more likely.

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