Healthy Development Checklist – Pilot/Testing Phase

Community friends and colleagues:

The Centretown  Community Health Centre (CCHC) and
have developed a “healthy development checklist” to help citizens think about how developments planned for your neighbourhood will affect your health or the  health of your neighbours.Click here to download the tools from the CCHC  website:’s-happening-at-the-centre/news/health,-well-being,-and-the-built-environment.aspx
(scroll down to the bottom of the page).

If there is a development in  your neighbourhood – small or large – please consider trying out the  checklist; hopefully it proves useful. And also consider providing feedback  on how to make the checklists better.

Click here for a online evaluation

Feel free to promote the tools in their pilot form.

Thank you for your consideration,  best

Martin  Canning – 613-316-3929

Source: “FCA Members” group.