City DiscoverRec Bulletin for May

The city has come out with their May newsletter of recreational activites. Subscribe at or possibly read the newsletter at–3jvvk-pmxrn31&_v=2

Of note is the list of Important Outdoor Activity Start Dates

  • The City of Ottawa has miles of pathways for you to explore; Pathway Patrol volunteers begin on April 1
  • Tennis courts are starting to open now, with all 290 public courts to be open by May 1.
  • Opening of sports fields and ball diamonds delayed due to weather conditions: The City of Ottawa is asking residents, rental contract holders and organizers of large special events to stay off sports fields and ball diamonds and general turf areas in parks until further notice.
  • Volleyball net rentals and washrooms for the beaches will be open May 18. Inquire on site at any beach’s Lifeguard office ($15 per hour or $50 per day).

City Newsletters

Just a reminder that the city has many newsletters that you can sign up for. Rather than redundantly reposting them here, you may wish to sign up for ones like DiscoverRec (list of things you can do around town – rinks, exhibits, museums, events), or perhaps ones about city politics, or sign up for parking restriction alerts (no parking here and there when it snows). The list is at

By the way, if you do see something that’s especially relevant to the neighbourhood in one of those newsletters, please let us know so that we can pass it on.