231 Carleton Avenue Development Meeting

231 Carleton Avenue Redevelopment Proposal

Champlain Park Community Association invites Champlain Park residents to view and discuss the redevelopment proposal for this property.

Location: Champlain Park Field House
Date: Monday, October 28, 2013
Time: 8:00 P.M.

Rosaline Hill Architect will present the project and be there to answer any questions the community may have.

Members of the Champlain Park Community Association Executive will attend this meeting.

CPCA Contact:
CoChair1 champlainpark@gmail.com

Ottawa Mosque Site and Landscape Plans

  • We have been notified that the previously approved site plan and landscape plan for the Ottawa Mosque on 251 Northwestern, which had lapsed due to lack of funds, will now go forward.
  • Part B on the landscape plan pertains to the new lands, which are not currently landscaped.
  • the plan is to landscape them now and also to build catch basins.
  • Since this was previously reviewed and approved, including by Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA), the City of Ottawa does not feel another public review is required.
  • However, at my request, they did allow our CPCA Development Committee to view it again, as it has been dormant since 2008.
  • The CPCA Development Committee thinks the attached landscape plan, which includes paving, parking space markings and plantings, including a variety of trees, will greatly enhance the site.

Site and Landscape Plans

ottawa mosque site and landscape plans 2013-05-25

Champlain Park Community Association
on Behalf of the Development Committee