Naylor Automatic transportation kit problem

With reference to telephone conversation and email sent on September 29, 2015

Hi Wendell,

Please see the attached photo’s regarding the automatic transportation kit

The initial installation of both lift arm/wheels where in installed on frame in two different directions which I didin’t find out to later.
After the arm on the right hand was damaged when pulling up wheels, I removed the arm from the frame, drilled another hole, reassembled and installed arm back facing the same way as arm on the left side (see photo).
Also the installation of wheels on frame are more to one end, on my neighbours lift which is not a Naylor, they are installed in the middle of frame.

At installation time my lift was assembled and placed in the water before I could see how the kit was installed on frame.
The water is very murky and its hard to see anything below the water line.

As I had no manual on how to use or knowing how it was installed I called your service center and asked how and where do I attached the cable to the frame when raising. I was told at the back bar on the lift frame where it lifts, and you don’t have any manuals.
I did this, I had to move the lift 3 times as the water level in the Ottawa River is controlled by the dames at Fitzroy Harbor.
I basically end up moving the lift out about a hundred feet from shoreline as the water level goes down gradually, its all on a sandy beach.

The last time I moved and raised wheels the attached arm ripped thought the metal arm on one side. I then repaired arm as mentioned above.

I also called other Naylor retail suppliers to see if they knew how to use and if they had a manual, none did.
But I did find out that its best place to attached to the raising lift frame was directly above the arms, which is how I moved it out of the water.

Suggest create a U-Tube video showing how this is installed and how to correctly operate