Naylor A38V – Adrian Bradley

Problems with Boat lift

  1. Boat lift cable damaged after raising boat and cable slipping off spool
  2. Automatic transportation kit rod lever broke during raising
  3. I think this lift maybe to big and heavy for boat – as hard to move the lift, which has to be done up to 3 times during the summer season due to river water level changes

Details of boat and purchased boat lift

Boat Lift Details:
Purchase Order
#26649 – Bradley’s
A38V – with Solar/battery power lift + automatic transportation kit
Purchased: May 2015
Installation date: 29-May-2015
Installed at:
251 Chemin Des Pins
Luskville, Pontiac
Quebec J0X 2G0
(on Ottawa River, 35 mins drive west of Ottawa)
Easy access to beach down neighbour’s ramp

Boat Details:
Sirius 21
Beam 95″
Displacement: 2000lbs
Ballast: 525lbs

Retractable Keel
Once keel is fully retractable, it leaves approx 5” of the keel protruding under hull for an approx length of 83″ along the middle of the hull (i.e. 5″ x  83″ keel shows under the middle of hull)

Please contact me anytime at 613-722-2248
154 Cowley Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 0G6

Recent Pictures of Naylor A38V boat lift


Picture of side view

View of Solar Panel and lift

Picture of Solar Panal and lift kit

View of bunkie with tape measure to show height (sorry about picture quality)

Picture of bunkie with measurement

View of from from of lift in front of cottage

Picture front view of Boat lift