Ecology Ottawa Community Network

Since being founded in 2006 Ecology Ottawa has worked to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada. It has grown a supporter list of 5000 people, 400 of whom are involved as volunteers.

To bring like-minded people together and communicate loud and clear to decision makers Ecology Ottawa has now created a Community Network. Organizers working with their neighbours in communities like Champlain Park are delivering coherent messages to our elected officials, telling them in a constructive way that we care about our environment.

The Ecology Ottawa Community Network organizer in Champlain Park is Charles Hodgson. If you want to join the Community Network team or simply want to say you support the effort you can contact Charles at 613-728-2016 or

There will be periodic updates on Ecology Ottawa Community Network activities here on the Champlain Park website and you can see them all listed here.

This project is run independently of the Champlain Park Community Association.