Champlain Park Trailheads – Wood Chips

Goals and benefits of spreading wood chips on the National Capital Commission (NCC) trails and pathways within NCC woodlands buffering onto the Champlain Park Community

  1. Physically improve walk-ability, accessibility and overall safety on the trails and pathways
  2. Wood chips keep paths from becoming muddy. Muddy paths lead to trampled vegetation beside the path.
  3. Wood chips provide a mulch that improves soil organic matter and nutrients for trees and shrubs nearby
  4. Present an Eco-friendly / no cost option for disposing of locally collected and chipped trees/shrubs (reduce cartage costs and pollution, reduce landfill use, enriching the local soil base);
  5. Generate awareness about the SJAM trail networks; and
  6. Foster community awareness and engagement (private, public, corporate) in the maintenance and preservation of natural urban green space.