Champlain Park Plant Caretakers Network

The Champlain Park Plant Caretakers Network is a newly formed community volunteer run project initiative.

We are asking interested Champlain Park residents to provide foster homes for taking care for tree saplings, shrubs and plants in their yards, on porches or patios until planting locations are properly prepared.

This project will serve to launch a deliberate Plant Caretakers Network to both care for the trees already in hand, and to establish a local and continuous source of native trees, shrubs and flowering plants to support ongoing planting within the neighbourhood and Champlain Woods.

Are you willing to provide a Caring home for tree saplings, shrubs or plants? 

If you would like to become a Plant Caretaker Volunteer, please first review the Terms and Conditions and then complete the Plant Caretakers Volunteer registration form below:

Upon completion and submission of the registration form a Caretaker Coordinator will contact you.

For more information please contact the Network Coordinators:

Joscelyn Coolican :

Catherine Shearer :

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