Plant Caretakers Network Term and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Agree to take care of plants entrusted to me with the best of my abilities for the term / duration of the agreement
  2. Will advise the Caretaker Coordinators if you are experiencing any problems with your assigned plants and request assistance if necessary.
  3. The term for taking care of plant(s) can range from a few months, to up to 1-3 years from receiving the plant(s), the Caretaker Coordinators will advise on estimated duration when you’re deciding what plants you would like to foster.
  4. Return your assigned plants when requested by the Caretaker Coordinators
  5. Return your assigned plants on the agreed end of term date
  6. If you want to assist in the planting of your assigned plants once they have been assigned location(s) to be planted within the Champlain Park woodlands, please advise the Caretaker Coordinators and they will try and accommodate your wishes. You also may request to take care of plants at that location until they are self sufficient (i.e. watering etc.)
  7. If you wish to keep your assigned plant(s) please advise the Caretaker Coordinator to arrange for payment of original materials and plant costs