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SJAM Winter Ski Festival Reminder – January 20

The Sir John A. Macdonald winter trail has been a great success and we’re proud to have a portion of the route in Champlain Park.
[Map of SJAM Trail in our Neighbourhood]
To celebrate, a family-oriented ski festival is planned for Sunday, Jan. 20 2019, with a gathering point at Remic Rapids. On the agenda:

  • 9:00am Photo-op for the Official Opening of the SJAM Winter Trail. Group photo of the main people contributing to the trail (including our CPCA representative) at Champlain Park, public are free to watch, followed by a ski and walk to Remic Rapids.
  • 10:00am 1km Ski Scurry (age 10 and under)
  • 10:30am 5km Ski Scoot (age 10 to grandparent!)
  • 11:30am 5km Fatbike Blast

Registration is requested as numbers are limited. Free for kids, $10 for others. If weather is very bad, the event is cancelled. There’s lots more to find out, including how to get a ski bib. Please consult for details.

SJAM Winter Trail Improvements

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2019 12:28:40 -0500 (EST)
From: CoChair1

The SJAM Winter Trail now comes directly into Champlain Park!  My husband and I cross country ski regularly on the trail.  What a wonderful amenity to have so close to home, no driving required.  Dave and his volunteers are doing a great job of maintaining the trail, even without fresh snow, so I recommend getting out there; walking, skiing, snow shoeing or cycling with a fat tire bike are all possible.  There is a fire pit near Remic Rapids, with ski rentals by Fresh Air Experience, and an outhouse there too.  Thanks goes to Adrian Bradley (CPCA Environment Committee) for working with Dave Adams, Dovercourt and the NCC.

This is not yet fully publicly funded, so donations are still required to keep this initiative going.  You can donate at the following link:

SJAM Winter Sports Festival – January 20

See for more details about this winter sports event nearby at Remic Rapids, including weather conditions and entry fees. The main events are:

  • 10:00am 1km Ski Scurry (age 10 and under)
  • 10:30am 5km Ski Scoot (age 10 to grandparent!)
  • 11:30am 5km Fatbike Blast

Registration requested as numbers are limited.

Rink Operational and Christmas Tree Reuse

Just two small items…

Skaters have been seen on the Champlain Park Outdoor Rink, which implies it is useable now! More details about the rink hours, facilities and the need for volunteers at

The SJAM Winter Trail is collecting cleaned up Christmas Trees for use as a windbreak. Leave them at the Remic Rapids outhouse.

SJAM Trail Closure at Remic Rapids

From Jeff’s Kitchissippi Ward Newsletter #155, also see for details (closure likely on December 3, 4) and a map.

Remic Rapids work to close parking lot, SJAM trail

As part of its invasive species management strategy and emerald ash borer management program, the National Capital Commission (NCC) will be working to remove invasive species in the Remic Rapids parking area. Dead trees and trees that pose a safety risk to the public or the work crew will also be removed. This work is being undertaken to prepare for the replanting of native trees and shrubs, which will take place in spring 2019. The work will be undertaken from November 26 to December 14, 2018, between 7 am and 5 pm, weather permitting. The parking lot will be closed to the public, but will reopen once the work is completed. For public safety, the winter trail will be temporarily closed for two days while wood chipping is being done. Signage will be installed to indicate that work is in progress, and workers will ensure the safety of pathway users close to the work area. Workers will be using mechanical equipment for this work.

Funding for Trail Ice Breaking

The SJAM Winter Trail people are trying to fund a new ice breaking groomer called the Mogul Master, successfully trialled on our icy trail. If you want to help the SJAM Winter Trail but don’t have magic snow creation powers, you could assist with the ice busting side of things by donating to the trail project at They’ve got a big portion of funding already from MEC, as described in their Facebook post.

Here’s a Twitter video of the Mogul Master in action during the trial:

Calgary Skiers Visit SJAM and Champlain Park

Ski clubs from Calgary starting the SJAM trail at Champlain Park’s fieldhouse: