Lazy Bay Commons: Trees Not Embassies

At the meeting on January 24, the CPCA Board voted to donate $250.00 to Mechanicsville’s Lazy Bay Commons, Trees Not Embassies Legal Defence Fund. Background is here: 20230124 Presentation Lazy Bay Commons.pdf This unique cause has the support of our Councillor, our MPP and our MP, community associations and other volunteer organisations in Ottawa. Ottawa City Council rejected the NCC’s Application to build embassies in this location.

[Map of the Trees Affected and Surrounding Area]

The NCC appealed Council’s decision to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT), the “independent adjudicative tribunal responsible for resolving appeals and applications on a variety of contentious municipal and land use planning matters.”

Mechanicsville continues to raise funds to hire a Professional Planner and Lawyer, so they can participate meaningfully in the Appeal process. Donations may be made here:


Many Thanks to Volunteers at CPCA Winter Carnival 2023!!

Thank you to a huge team of residents who volunteered to put on a very successful party at Champlain Park Saturday afternoon, January 21, 2023!! For those who were not able to make it on Saturday, it was an incredible post pandemic quarantine event, extremely well attended, and really highlighted the joys of being part of this community in winter: City park with outdoor skating rink, field house and NCC Kichi Sibi Winter ski trail, all located on our doorstep. We welcomed visits from our elected representatives: Mayor Mark Sutcliffe, Councillor Jeff Leiper, and MPP Joel Harden along with Constable Darren Joseph, our community police officer.

Congratulations and special thanks from the Champlain Park Community to the following enthusiastic volunteers who made it a memorable fun event:

  • Erin Topping and Kelly Archer were the awesome organizers of volunteers, activities, ticket sales, lunch counter at Winter Carnival 2023.
  • Wellington West Business Improvement Area sponsored the sleigh ride by providers, Chris and Sharon Kelly.
  • CPCA Board members Nick Xenos, Lynne Bankier, and Liz Gyaloky coordinated insurance coverage and park permits.
  • CPCA Board member Kris Phillips organized the presentation of Champlain Park Community’s $500 donation to Kichi Sibi Winter Trail Groomer Dave Adams by CPCA Treasurer Dave Harding. The display of new grooming equipment and information booth at entrance to ski trail was an exciting new attraction.
  • Paul O’Blenes, outdoor rink manager, had the ice in great shape. Aimee Ferron extended the supervision hours of change rooms for the event.
  • Bridgehead supplied free coffee and hot chocolate.
  • Linda Landreville, Katie and Olivia Bolger and Connor Bryant served food and drinks.
  • Derek McKinley (Sing Song Party Time) provided musical entertainment for families.
  • Neighbours donated chilis and baked goods for the lunch counter and pitched in to help clean up.

[Sleigh Ride at 2023 Winter Carnival]
Sleigh with Winter Carnival 2023 visitors on the former Pontiac Street Christmas Tree crossing. Photo by AGMS.

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Queen’s Jubilee Awards for Local Volunteers

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Awards presented to Ottawa Centre volunteers, residents of Champlain Park Community! Congratulations Christine, Heather, and Roland!

The Awards were presented to Christine Leadman, Heather Pearl, and Roland Dorsay by MP Yasir Naqvi at the Holiday Party he hosted on December 21, 2022 to celebrate community volunteers in Ottawa Centre. Yasir Naqvi announced “It is an honour to present the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee emblem to many volunteers and community members who are the pillars of our community and contribute to a more welcoming, supportive, and inclusive Ottawa. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II devoted her life to public service and had an admiration for volunteers such as you.”

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award

[Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award Certificate signed by MP Yasir Naqvi]

To commemorate, the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth on the throne in 2022, Canada presented Platinum Jubilee Awards to residents of Federal ridings who have demonstrated a commitment to strengthening our community and improving the lives of their neighbours through voluntary service across a broad range of fields.

These Awards, in the form of a special commemorative pin and accompanying certificate, pay tribute to residents of all ages and backgrounds who performed unpaid work and showed selfless service to others to build a caring and supportive community.

Many thanks Christine, Heather, and Roland for your dedication to making Ottawa Centre a better place to live! The Award is well deserved.

Community Association Board Meeting – January 24


Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) Board Meeting

Tuesday January 24, 2023
7:30 PM via Google Meet
Everybody Welcome

Board meetings will have an open session for community residents to observe business discussions. Non board community members will also be invited to participate at certain times by the chair and there will be “in camera” topics for the board members only. Please contact the secretary via to request a link to join the meeting.

Open session

  1. Approval of minutes of Nov 3 and Dec 12 2022 – Liz
  2. ONCA: Ontario Not for Profit Corporations Act – Lynne
    • Deadlines and Proposed Process
  3. FCA Insurance Working Group: – Lynne
    • Update on Rink Accident Insurance
    • changes expected in how CA’s will be insured when current insurance expires June 1, 2023
    • Comparison of volunteer coverage for bodily injury (Rink vs Other CPCA volunteers)
  4. P&Z update on FCA project on recommendations to improve the CofA process. (H.Pearl, 5 minutes)
  5. Traffic problems at IPD/Scott – H. Pearl, 5 minutes
    • Jeff Leiper brings together reps from the City (traffic planning, OC Transpo, OPS), NCC, RCMP and affected communities to seek ways to mitigate traffic problems associated with Scott / IPD / Parkway / Champlain Bridge nexus.
  6. Request for CPCA donation to Mechanicsville’s OLT process re: the Lazy Bay Commons (D. Buckles, 10 minutes)
    • This agenda item is the outcome of an originally much more comprehensive request made by Daniel Buckles, to a subset of the Board members, just before the AGM last fall. A significant amount of information was exchanged, and a report generated, provided and (mostly) accepted.
  7. Voting by email – Lynne – Please respond
  8. Emails: avoiding the volume – Lynne
  9. Civic Engagement – Richard – 15 minutes
  10. Motion re Signage for the Rink – Liz & Dave – 5 minutes
  11. Other Business
  12. Next Meeting

Agenda last updated on January 23rd. Contact the secretary to add topics.

The Rink is Open!

The rink is up and running thanks to the amazing effort by the maintenance team. This year there are no COVID restrictions from the city. Indoor facilities will be open during supervised rink hours for warming, skate changing, washroom use, and access to the first aid kit. Our student volunteers will oversee the use of the changerooms and the rink during these hours.

Students, if you’re 14 yrs old or older, this is a great way to earn your community volunteer hours. We’re always looking for more help. Sign up is easy with our Google form:

Contact us at if you have questions.

Supervised Rink Hours for 2023:

Mon-Fri 6-9 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 2 PM
Sunday 12-4 PM

Public requests to the city for ice time permits will continue to be forwarded to the rink operators. We encourage all rink users to review the City of Ottawa’s outdoor skating rules.

Champlain Park ODR updates

See our Facebook page for the latest rink news and schedule (also posted near the rink).

Let’s have a great skating season!

Here’s how you can help make that happen.

  1. Respect others.
  2. Leave the rink in better shape than you found it.
  3. Please keep snow off the boards (1′ away or over is preferred).
  4. Have fun!

Views of the new freshly flooded rink on the morning of January 16, 2023:
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Vacant Unit Tax Reminder

via Heather…

The goal of the Vacant Unit Tax (VUT) program is to ensure that properties don’t sit vacant and crumbling for eons, when they could be rented instead. This has been a problem in Ottawa, with investors buying up properties, evicting the tenants, then leaving them vacant and “composting”, sometimes for years. Champlain Park has not been immune to this sort of activity.

The City’s intention is good and, coupled with other ongoing initiatives, may well prevent unnecessary evictions and homelessness. I don’t like the negative option approach, but in an increasingly cash-strapped city, maybe it’s the most efficient approach for now? One hopes that Ottawa will, sooner rather than later, find a way to marry the tax data on principal residences, and the VUT program, so homeowners won’t have to, every year, re-declare their principal residences online.

Here’s an example of a house in Champlain Park that had been abandoned and left to crumble for about 20 years, in spite of repeated appeals to the City by neighbours and the Community Association. When the house was first abandoned, it could have been affordable housing for a young family. At last, the absentee owner sold the property to a family who built a new home on the property. (2014 photo from Google Maps Street View):

[Abandoned house on Cowley in 2014]
Abandoned house on Cowley in 2014.

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Winter Carnival – January 21

Winter Carnival 2023 on Saturday, January 21, at Champlain Park and Fieldhouse, noon to 3pm

It’s back…with hot chili, cool music, and fun sleigh rides! Everyone is welcome to attend the Carnival, whatever the weather. Among the activities:

  • 12:30-2:30: horse drawn sleigh rides
    and outdoor games in the park
  • 2-3 pm: music in the Field house with children’s entertainer Derek McKinley.

Admission, sleigh rides, hot chocolate and coffee are FREE.

Food and Beverages: There will be a Chili cookoff, baked goodies, juice, hotdogs and more for sale in the Fieldhouse kitchen. Please bring a little cash. Debit/credit machines are NOT available.

Volunteers make it happen! We need help with setup and cleanup, lunch counter, ticket sales, and donations of baked goods. Call out for chefs to bring their best chili dish of course! Please contact Erin and Kelly for more info at or 613-799-1770.

Thank you to the Wellington West Business Improvement Area for sponsoring the sleigh ride.
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Recycle your Christmas Tree at Champlain Park

Recycle your 🌲 Tree at the Champlain Park Baseball Diamond, anytime in January!!

Give your old Christmas tree a ‘second life’ by donating it to the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail. Trees will be used to create wind breaks and safety barriers/cordons at various locations along the Winter Trail at Remic Rapids. Trees can be brought to the North East corner of the Champlain Park baseball diamond anytime in January, 2023. The Winter Trail team will then make sure they get to where they are needed.

[Christmas trees stacked up against the baseball diamond fence at Champlain Park, Ottawa, ready for a bonfire or windbreak]

Thank you from the Kichi Sibi Winter Trail Team, and happy skiing!

Rink: Call for Support

Champlain Park Outdoor Rink – call for community support!

Hello Champlain Park residents and friends,

We’re happy to let you know that the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) will be taking on the task of building and maintaining the Champlain Park outdoor rink for the 2022/23 season. A huge thanks to our neighbours, Paul O’Blenes and Rod Gillyatt, who have volunteered as rink maintenance coordinators this year! Both worked with Matt during the past two years.

We’re also grateful to Aimee Ferron, who is taking on the rink supervision contract again, as she has done for the past two years.

We are looking for volunteers for both Maintenance and Supervision (separate duties).

[Rink as of 20200117, now flooded and actually frozen]
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