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Local Letter Carrier Neil Retires

A message passed on via a neighbour:

After 30 years with Canada Post, the time has come to retire. I’m finishing my career with two years in this friendly neighbourhood, ironically (but by choice) on the same route I walked during the Ice Storm! (1998). Thank you for all your kindness. Merry Christmas.

Bus Route Changes Survey

This is a slightly political message, but it’s worth posting since the recent bus route changes are of local concern. Problems with the new routes (such as not fully connecting across downtown Ottawa) have lead to this survey to get feedback to present to municipal candidates, and to the formation of the Ottawa Transit Riders’ Group. Continue reading

Dog Walking in the Woods

Subject: Dog walking in the woods
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2017 12:18:14 -0500
From: Nhung Hoang

I have lived in Champlain Park for 24 years and love this neighbourhood. The proximity to nature is one thing that is especially precious to me. I have a small dog (a bichon frisé who is getting somewhat elderly) who I take for walks daily. One of the places we like to walk is the path through the woods. Near the entry to the path, it is clearly marked that dogs must be leashed. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this bylaw.

Twice in the last few months my dog has been attacked by larger dogs that have been off leash. Fortunately, he has not yet been injured but I feel that it is just a matter of time. I understand that dogs like to run off leash. Farms, cottages and off-leash dog parks are all places where you can let your canine friends have some more freedom. Please do not do so in places where the law doesn’t allow and where your dogs (as friendly as you believe they are) may be a menace to other dogs (not to mention, skiers, snowshoers and other walkers). Thank you for your consideration.

Nhung Hoang, Cowley Avenue

Missing Cats Warning

Subject: missing cats – a warning
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2017 18:54:18 +0000
From: Eloise Holland

Missing Cats:

In the last month five “missing cat” posters have been put up in and around Champlain Park. It is possible they may have been taken by predators. There have been foxes and coyotes spotted in the neighbourhood since the beginning of the summer. Please consider keeping your cats indoors for their protection.

Eloise Holland

Day One in the Post-Car Era – on Pontiac

Daniel Buckles writes:

Hours after planters were installed on Pontiac as part of the Park extension/depaving project, a new temporary public use has taken shape. It inspires me to dream about a time when cars as we know them will no longer rule (and pollute) the land.

[Pontiac Street with barrier planters, and a hockey net]


New Facebook Group for Neighbours

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If you want to chat with your neighbours online, and Tweets are too short or too public, there’s now an unofficial Facebook group you can join, just for people who have lived in the neighbourhood. You do need a Facebook … Continue reading


Monthly Poll Inaugurated

We’re trying out the WordPress/Polldaddy poll facility to see if it would be useful. The plan is to put out a monthly question of relevance to the neighbourhood. Maybe we should have a poll to pick questions for the next … Continue reading