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Fall Season Activities Starting

Just a reminder that the 2018 Fall Activities are starting soon. These are:

Another busy season! See the full calendar at

Adopt a Pontiac Street Planter

The Planters on Pontiac are almost ready for planting. The drainage issue has been resolved (holes drilled, gravel at bottom, lining for the planters) and we will soon have new soil (thanks to Fiona at Councillor Leipers’ office).

[Concrete Planters on Pontiac, with dirt installed]

There are a few Planters available for adoption. If you are willing, please contact Daniel Buckles (, the Environment Committee Co-chair. The adoption protocol is:

  • The primary purpose of the planters is to beautify the street scape. Other goals (plant diversity, habitat) are secondary but encouraged.
  • The planters are loaned by the City to the community at large, so are not owned by individuals.
  • Volunteers adopt a planter for a year at a time, renewable as desired.
  • Volunteers make their own plant selections (no food plants allowed in 2018, but this may change in future. Perennials are fine, as are annuals and herbs)
  • Volunteers maintain the planter they adopt, including watering as needed. Contact planter neighbours if you need help.

Help to green our community!

Garden Club Wattle Weaving – February 13

Champlain Park garden club has a very special guest on Tuesday February 13 at 7 pm. Toronto artists Barbara Guy Long, a well-know willow wattle weaving artist will drop by with a slide show and talk about her craft. She creates fences, walls and artistic structures in both Canada and in other spots around the world.

Drop-in fee for non-members is $5.00.

Here is a link to her website for a closer look
[Wattle fenced rectangular garden in winter]
Details call 613-728-1945
Laurie Fagan

Winter Session Activities Starting in January

January marks the start of another session of many activities happening in the neighbourhood. See the full calendar for a date oriented view, or this list of the classes and clubs in alphabetical order:

Others like skating on the rink depend on the season, for them please see the Activities menu on our home page.

Boughs, boughs, boughs for sale

Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 11:41:47 -0500
From: Laurie Fagan <>

Boughs, boughs, boughs for sale

The Champlain Park Garden Club has many extra bundles of boughs left over from the two wreath making workshops this past weekend. They are nice for a mantle or decorate your railing and the smell is incredible.
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Wreath Making Workshop – December 3

It’s nonsense when people say they aren’t at all artistic. Come out and make a lovely 18 inch Christmas wreath for your front door (or back) on Sunday December 3 at the Field House – there are 2 workshops – one at 1 pm & the second at 3:30. All you need is a pair of garden gloves and hand garden pruners and a desire to create a wonderful wreath with 4 kinds of fresh evergreens. The cost is $28.00 and that includes the wreath base, all the boughs, and berries, twine and wire. You can bring ribbon, pine cones, small feathered birds or whatever else you’d like to embellish with.

To sign up contact

[Wreath on a Door]
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Garden Club with Ed Lawrence – September 12

Laurie would like to point out that Ed Lawrence will be appearing on Tuesday at the gardening club meeting, possibly his final appearance at the club. He’s locally (Ontario) famous for a call-in radio show about gardening,

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