Naylor Boat lift cable damaged

With reference to telephone conversation and email sent on September 29, 2015

Hi Wendell,

These pictures show how the cable moves and accumulates to one end of the spool. Also shows cable damaged. See further down on the page for the video of lift running.

Cable splicing 3 Cable splicing 2 Cable overlapping on spool 1 Cable overlapping on spool 2 Cable splicing 1

This has always happen since it was first installed and when used for the first time lifting my boat.
It even happen when Chris used it after the initial install , but it was thought after using a few times the cable would adjust itself correctly. Which unfortunately wasn’t the case.
Also at time of initial installation the river water level was at its highest so the lift didn’t have to go down low into the water to lift boat, but as the river water levels go down the lift has to go up and down a lot further.

This video shows starting of the raising of lift

This video shows the cable slipping on the spool, which has caused damage to the cable